How to perform the towbar fitting process?

How to perform the towbar fitting process

The users can perform the towbar fitting process at home for towing their own vehicles in case they are unable to afford the services of a profession towing company. A number of different options are available for towing business vehicles such as using a trailer, a tow dolly or a towbar. Therefore, we recommend using towbars only in those cases where it is the most suitable option. Once it has been determined that towbar is the best option under the circumstances then there are a number of steps and precautions involved in the towbar fitting process that the users have to follow in order to perform the method in an effective manner. In this article, we will explain a towbar fitting process in order to guide the users to ensure the safety of the vehicle as well as save money by performing the process on their own.

Selecting a proper towbar for the vehicle

Selecting a proper towbar for both the vehicles involved in the process is highly important since in case an appropriate towbar is not selected then it will lead to damage and unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, below we will discuss consideration for selecting a proper towbar for performing the tow bar fitting process:

  1. Towbar before towing is the most effective method in case the vehicle is an RV. Therefore, we recommend using an RV as the second vehicle in order to tow the vehicle that has broken down.
  2. In order to select a proper towbar, the users should study the manual of both the vehicles in order to determine various factors that are applicable for selecting the appropriate equipment. One important factor to consider is the weight of the broken down vehicle as well as the gross weight limit of the towing vehicle. The weight of the broken down vehicle should be lower than the gross weight limit of the towing vehicle.
  3. There are towbars of different designs available in the market such as motorhome- mounted towbar or a car-motor towbar. Therefore, it is important to select a proper design that will ensure high efficiency of the process.
  4. In order to attach a towbar to the vehicles, a towbar mounting bracket will be required. Therefore, we recommend selecting an appropriate mounting bracket for the process.

Attaching the selected towbar with the vehicles

Once a proper towbar has been selected, the process to attach it with the vehicle will start. The steps and precautions involved in the towbar fitting process are as follows.

  1. In the first step, we recommend selecting a proper place for mounting the towbar on the vehicle. There should be enough space available in the selected area since holes will have to be drilled in order to fit the towbar with the vehicles.
  2. Start the drilling process into the chassis as per the requirements of the tow bar
  3. Now, attach the towbar brackets to the vehicle in order to mount the towbar. Attach the brackets on both the vehicles and wire them so that a connection forms between them.
  4. We also recommend securing the connection with safety chains to avoid any unforeseen circumstances during the process.
  5. The braking system of the vehicles is of paramount importance while first towing the vehicle using a towbar. Therefore, we recommend checking the braking system before performing the process of towbar fitting.

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